Methley Past & Present


St Oswald's Church, Methley

Church, 1844
Church, 1870
Church, 1900s
Spire repairs
South East view 1937
East view 1981
South view 1985
South view 1989
North side 1980s
Tower North West
Interior 1924
Waterton Chapel interior
Savile monument
SE view from tower1903
East view from tower 1920s
NW view from tower
Cenotaph 1923

Churchside - School, rectory, chantry

Church from Leeds Barnsdale Road
Church from Leeds Barnsdale Road 1920s
School House front
School House East
C of E School front
C of E School south
C of E School rear
Rectory lawn May Queen
Gymnastics 1950s
Frank Beilby School caretaker
Parish Centre front and side
Parish Centre rear
New Rectory
Old Recory - Chantry entrance
Chantry north side
Chantry front facing west
Garden Party on Old Rectory lawn


Cedars front view
Cedars side view 1980s
Cedars front view 1991
Cedars 1930s
Sir Edward Elgar
Cedars new extension

Little Church Lane

Little Church Lane/Cricket field seat
Little Church Lane 1980s
Little Church Lane 1986
Little Church Lane, larger houses.

Woodrow Hill

Woodrow Hill
Lower Houses
Ivy House
Ivy House/ Bondfield Terrace
Bondfield Terrace
The Hollings
Bond House
Bond House rear view
Albert Place
Royal Oak, 1920s
Royal Oak, 1980s
Plumpton House
Royal Oak Corner
Looking up Methley Lane
Melwood Farm1900
Melwood Farm 1982
Milk Float at the Farm

Woodside, Woodend

Five Almshouses
Houses at Woodend
Almshouses 1910
Unoccupied Almshouses
Decaying Almshouses
Almshouse 1982
Restored Almshouses
Almshouses 1988
The Wheelhouse
The Wheelhouse near view
The Estate Manager's House
East Lodge

Garden House, Woodend

Garden House, 1959
Later View
Front view 1983

Methley Park Hospital

Before completion
Completed 1984
Front View 1984


The Gazebo
The Gazebo deteriorating
The Gazebo close up

Gazebo rear view, stables
Gazebo and barn
Clumpcliffe Farm House, West
Clumpcliffe Farm old front view

Front view 1982
Clumpcliffe Farm east gable


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Station Road

Station Road Woodrow, 1980s
Older Houses on Station Road

Woodrow House
Railway Cottages
Clayton House
Templar House

Station Area

LMS Station
Station Master's House 1982

Lemonroyd lock

Lock Keeper's House
Locks 1980
Locks 1990
Locks 1990 another view
St Aiden's Flood

Shann Hall

Path near Shann Hall
Shann Hall Front View
Shann Hall West Gable

Shann Courtyard
Shann Coutyard another view
Shann Cottage 1982

Savile Pit

Savile Pit Complex 1983
Savile Pit 1900
Savile Pit Yard 1900
Savile Pit Yard another old view
Savile Pit entrance 1935
Old locomotive (1910) at the pit
Savile Pit basin
Pit entrance 1982
Pit Yard 1982

Savile Pit - Demolition

Savile Pit Demolition 1985
Savile Pit Banner
More Demolition

Church Lane

Church Lane about 1930
Church Lane 1983

Savile Road

Savile Rd corner 1930
Savile Rd corner 1983

Mickletown Road

Looking South 1993
Smithwaite House

Main Street

Main Street and Top fold 1900s
Top fold from a newspaper

Denison Square
Top of Main Street, early 1900s
Main Street 1980s
British Legion Club
Victoria House, Mill Lane
Off Licence Shop, Main Street
Butcher Bentley's Bull
Butcher Bentley's Shop
Shops in Main Street, 1980s
Modern butchers 1991
General view, Main Street, 1980s
Primitive Methodist Chapel
no. 32 Main Street
Main Street 1920s or earlier
Main Stret 1986
United Chapel 1959

Main Street

Woodhall Manor, Main Street
Woodhall Manor, front view
Smithson House
Manor and Manor Farm
Bay Horse etc.
Lord Nelson Inn
Main Street, 1910
Garden House, 1900
Old view of Main Street
Main Street, 1988
Main Street 1900s
Main Street 1985
Stocks Hill/Main Street 1930s
Stocks Hill/Main Street 1982
Stocks Hill/Main Street 1991
Wright's Grocery Store
"Tudor Ballroom"
Miner's Welfare
Ashlands - 3 pictures
Main Street 1920
Main Street 1991

Main Street

Wesleyan/Methodist Chapel 1954
Two views of Chapel
Painting of Chapel interior-------

Carnivals of the past

Maypole Dancing 1912
Carnival Float, c1926
Carnival Procession, 1949
Holmville, No 11 Church Lane
Old Postcard
Cricket Field


Pit Lane

Pit Lane 1982
Pit Lane 1990
Pit Lane track to canal 1982
Pit Lane an opposite view
Pit Lane similar view
Pit Lane 1960
Pit Lane Children playing

Main Street Hunts Farm

Rear of old post office
Hunt's Farm 1983 west view
Hunt's Farm front 1983
Ozzy Stead
Main St from Hunt's Farm 1920

The Old Butchers shop, Main Street

8-10 Main Street 1980
8-10 Main Street 1984
8-10 Main Street 1989

Bridges on the waterways

Caroline Bridge 1982
Caroline Bridge swung back 1982
Temporary bridge 1984
Erection of permanent bridge 1986
Bridge is swung into position
Canal Bridge completed
Bridge over River Aire 1986


Views of the waterways 1990
New coal staithes
The Whinney - evening
Wetlands, Lower Mickletown

Kippax Locks

Old Lock Keepers House
Similar view
Lock 1989 control box
Lock 1989 complete complex


Aerial view of Mickletown, 1983
Red House
St Margaret's Church Hall, early
St Margaret's Church Hall, side
St Margaret's Church, 1906
St Margaret's Church, 1924
St Margaret's Church,1982
Public Library

Pinfold Lane/Main Street

Junction 1982
Parsonage Road
Holmfield Cottages

Pinfold Lane

Bottom of Pinfold Lane
East Side
Junction Pinfold Lane/Savile Rd
Pinfold Lane School, 1900
Pinfold Lane School, 1923
Pinfold Lane School, 1925
Class near hut
Pinfold Lane school, 1982
The Old Vicarage,1910
Working Men's Club
Pinfold Lane, 1912
Pinfold Lane, 1982
WR Bus, 1920

Lower Mickletown

Lower Mickletown
Shand Offices
Ings Estate
White House Farm 1982
Waides Buildings 1983
Waides Buildings 1910
Greenfield Terrace
Greenfield Terrace, 2nd Row
The Wetlands
The Wetlands
Lower Mickletown Road
Appleyard Road
The Whinney
Wilson Row
The Queen Inn
Coney Moor Farm. 1983
Ferry Road,1900
Methley Grange
Oxbow Ponds
Lower Mickletown 1993
Willow Grove Farm, rear
Willow Grove Farm, front
Green Lane - plantation
Sand and Gravel hoppers
Sand and gravel works site
Sand and Gravel 1981
Green Lane Houses


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Lower Mickletown

The Old Rectory, 1985
Laurel Farm/Talbot Yard
Talbot House
Talbot alterations, 1990
Denison Row
Another Denison Row
Cobbler's Shop,1949
Lower Mickletown, 1982

Appleyard House

Appleyard House and Butcher's Shop, 1910 1930
Appleyard House 1983 1988

Silver Row

Silver Row 1911

Coney Moor

Coney Moor 1983
Rear of Coney Moor Houses
View from Parlour Pit path
Coney Moor Houses 1989
Wilson's Shop, 1900s
Houses at Moor View

Boat Lane Area

Old Houses
Boat Lane 1981
Boat Lane Ings

Allerton Ferry 1940s
Miners crossing to Allerton

Dunford House

Dunford House 1981
Dunford House 1990
David Dunderdale
Dunderdales pots

Methley Water Bridge

Methley Water Bridge, 1935
Bus on bridge mid 1950s
Bridge 1990

Low Common

Low Common
Shippen's House
Carr Houses (3 photos)
Laburnum House
Windmill Common

Methley Junction

Green Row
Green Row or Long Row
Green Row 1982
Middle Row
Front Row
Station Master's House
Station Master's House, 2000
Top Station Master's House
Methley Junction Pit
Low Row/Junction Garage
Barnsdale Road
Pinder Green Bridge, 1900
Pinder Green Bridge, 1985
Moorhouse Farm 1983
Moorhouse Farm 1985
Landworkers 1920s - 30s
Moorhouse Farm 1990

Pinder Green

The Dame School 1982/3
Dame School rear view, 1983
Dame School east view
Dame School south east view
Pinder Green Farm, 1982
Aerial view 1960s
Entrance to Embleton Estate
Hazel House,1910
Hazel House, 1925
Hazel House,1982
Hazel Farm early 1900s
Hazel Farm 1982


Watergate 1960
The Junction Inn, 1960s
The Viking, 1985
The Watergate, 1990
Watergate Floods, 1960
Watergate Floods news pics
Watergate floods - survivors
Penn Bank Waterfalls 1902 (Frost Dam)
Frost Dam 1980s
Penn Banks 1985
Cottages near Turner's Farm
Houses near Mexboro Arms
The Mexborough Arms
The Mexborough Arms Aerial view 1930s


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