Methley Past and Present - a Village Tour


This 135 page tour photos & descriptions of the village of Methley is based on the work done by two local Methley historians, Walter and Nellie Minnett. For a number of years they made presentations from time to time in the form of a slide show about the village entitled Methley Past and Present. Walter was the photographer and Nellie was the narrator. Many of the photographs were supplied by members of the village and elsewhere but unfortunately no record was kept of the sources and so it is not possible to make acknowledgements.

This presentation is an attempt to make available their show to the public and most of their original work is included. It serves as a testimony to their studies.

There is an index of the illustrations and links to the various pages

Much of this historical work is from oral testimony and there are bound to be errors and omissions. If you note any errors, historical or otherwise, incorrect names etc. 

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Methley Hall

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