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All images gathered here from the 6th March 2001 to date in the first instance the Minnett Collection being passed on to the Methley Archive for safe ownership.

From that date all further 7,000 plus records have being signed over to Methley Archive from its 254 contributory members using a copyright form, this public spans world wide, this copyright is also in use for all stock of this Methley Archive website

 Our yearly Calendars their images from Calendar year 2001 to present day are also protected in this way.

 We are a none profit making organisation and all money from the calendars and other projects we run are ploughed back into the running of this organisation, any worn out computers and equipment we use in our daily tasks, also in our ancestry search we offer free, also other materials we use weekly plus usage charges and other running costs we might occur over the years come from this only income.

On each Image Page the example here ( donor:- 123#456  collated:- 10-11-2008 10:56am ) is to show the date and time each image came into our Copyright for its security purpose.

If this a voluntary organisation was not the case the cost of any remuneration of the past 17 years, six plus staff that has keep this popular organisation running, the cost would be in the ?,000 for their long weekly hours incurred to this date, not just our 10am to 12 noon Mondays but most every day, it would be more than anyone would wish to pay to obtain Methley Archive growing database to date.

Please do not asking for all of or any large amount of this collection to be entered on your pocket memory stick or memory card, as refusal often offends.

We do print odd glossy images A4 photos of chosen images if you ask, at 3 an image or copy's of odd documents or ancestry search records printed on plain paper for 1.50 a copy.

These images have being and are collated for and on behalf of the local Methley folk to only view. The website is for Methley folk and Ex-patriots and their families to enjoy that cannot get to our Monday meetings and not to download in any way, if you like any images you see please contact one of our representatives and state your interests in those image, only reasonable amounts apply.

All Rights Reserved 

Under the confines of the law, all Methley Archive rights to proclaim and maintain Methley Archive copyright, or ownership of Methley Archive images is legally Methley Archive's to reserve to pursue action against those that infringe upon Methley Archive rights.

All Methley Archive images are individually numbered Alfa numerically in order to protect every image we have in our database.

These numbers never change; some are duplicated to show where they originally came from. Carful comparison shows many colours, contrast, etc differences due to how these images have being stored over the years.

All images have a Production Date and a Collation Date also to protect Methley Archive Copyright. is redirected to three main organisers of Methley Archive and one of these will get back to you if you leave all your contact details and your country of residence on your email,  Thanks from all the Methley Archive Team please enjoy.

The above copyright statements' is to protect all Methley Historic Records for the future.    Thank You.

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