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rom 2001 the Archive has been run by a small group of people interested in finding out more about Methley, its history, its people, its buildings, in fact anything at all relating to this village.

We do this mostly by asking to borrow, copy to computer & return immediately to the lenders, relevant photographs, snapshots, legal documents, old diaries, bills, receipts, birth, marriage & death certificates, medals, sporting trophies, old school reports, newspaper cuttings in fact anything at all concerning Methley.

None of these things need to be in good condition. Some of our most interesting photos are dog-eared. People have told us that they have many photos but think we would not be interested in them. WRONG! We are interested in everything. It is surprising what we can learn from a bit of background in a photo.

In our collection we now have 6,907+ images and growing weekly, but we are sure that in this village there are many more we would like to add to our database. Have you anything Methley folk any ware, Methley Places? If so do please consider lending them to us either by coming to see us one Monday morning for us to copy and return. You are all very welcome to come also refreshments while you wait,  & see for yourselves what we do, browse through our photo albums, scrap books etc, watch a continuous slide show. We would also welcome anyone who would like to join the Group. No special needs necessary, though having a computer or being a bit artistic would be a help. Come in & talk to us.

       For the:-  Copyright for Methley Archive


lease visit the Methley Archive Organisers, Monday's 10.00am till noon, Main St, Mickletown, Methley, LS26 9JE.

                The full Methley Archive Organisers 16th - May - 2016..

              Vera, June, Glenys, Jayne, Pauline, Sue, May and Jennifer. 

 You are all welcome Mondays 10 till noon please come along and see us.


Community Centre In Snow

        Open every Monday morning

        10.00am till 12 noon except bank holidays.

        Methley Community centre,

        43 Main St,

        LS26 9JE.

 Opposite Bits 'n' Pieces  >>>


Coordinates :-    Latitude   53.739955,  Longitude   -1.399113


Thanks' to May our leader for chairing all we do.

Thanks' to Vera from day one for adding all and our most recent of images to our 6,900 + images to our database all brought to us over the 15+ years by you our community, also writing and producing our magnificent yearly Calendars since first 2002.

Thanks' to June for designing our Methley Archive Logo and her valued assistance in all we do.


Thanks' to Glenys for all her work in our ancestry searching and all other co-ordination work done over the years. Come along and let her search yours at no cost.

 areas listed.

Thanks' you to Jayne for managing our work, we don't know how we would cope without her.

Thanks to Pauline for managing our Monday mornings 10 till noon and banking also threw the week keeping us reaching forward.

Thanks' to Jennifer for opening up every new Monday morning at the Methley Community Centre and putting on great refreshments so much welcomed by all that come each week, and for closing down mid-day.

And finally thank you to Sue our Secretary and Archivist Co-ordinator .

Also Graham for making the website links go to the correct pages.

 And special thanks to all that come join us every Monday Morning 10 till noon for all their images and storey lines. The Infinite images we give all back at the end of our days meeting, stories we keep archive with a copy of any image.

Sorry Children on School holidays must sit safely in the seating at all times, kindly provided by the Leeds City Council, Community Centre's staff, Some elder archive visitors could easy trip over - over active children whilst on the move.

Each Bank Holidays all Leeds City Council Centres are is closed, so we also follow suit.


       New helping Members always wanted

         Yes Methley Archive are looking for new volunteers, what ever you can do, Methley Archive need you.

        Hours - Mondays 9.30am till 12.30pm.


      Start Date

        May - from 06th Mar 2001 /

                Peter - from 06th Mar 2001 - 20??

        Vera - from 06th Mar 2001 /

                 Nick - from 06th Mar 2001 - 2012

                Brian - from 06th Mar 2001 - 2015

    Jennifer - from 06th Mar 2001 /

             Graham - from 17th May 2003 - 2016

        June - from  /                      

        Glenys - from  /                         

       Pauline - from  /                         

                  Jayne - from 2013 /                          

                                   Sue - from 09th Sep 2014 /                         


                   Below first image saved on the

Commanet collection Program - Tuesday 06-03 2001

             by Peter & Vera Garland co-founder of

          Methley Archive . Org


Above image south sunny side of Coney Moor House,

Lower image Coney Moor House grounds, on Lower Mickletown map lined in red for the above first registered image on Commanet 06th Mar 2001 taken in the 1720's.


         Above The New Queen Inn  now Houses upper centre demolished mid 2014.

Above left the double apexes of Silver Row over the grounds of Coney Moor Farm plot lined in gold.



         A typical Monday morning at the centre.


f you have a spare hour you could try experimenting by adjusting the last three character's on that page in your browser bar then the customary .htm as in: http://methleyarchive.org/000e.htm  if you change the last three after the first mandatory 0 change the next three characters 00e to something like 0dz, so it will bring up another image on that same page or try 0abc or 0cq9 . All 6900+ images are online to access in this way and this is the only way to find all those images till I enter them, its like picking a lottery number, similar photos have a similar or close code, this system is time consuming but makes a evening go faster the, last three didgets can be a number 0 - 9 or letters a - z , good fun if you have an hour to spend. If their is no image of your chosen code of input then it will say error 404 file and this just means our Comma Image collection program is waiting for your photos to fill that allocation so just try another code like 0ek for a Methley Hall image. You will get use to it, no prizes for finding all the 6900+ images.

Regards webwriter.


f you were once a Methley Resident and now live in other parts of the UK or the world, and still have Methley and Family photos and would like to have them entered in our database, please click on release Form Word Doc file below, MS Word, Print out, fill in, re-scan and e-mail back to graham50waite@gmail.com  with a copy not the original if posted or your print in JPG format, or print out a copy and post with your copy photo with return addrss to below address, Subject RE: Methley Archive Photos, we will be pleased to enter them on your behalf, you will be sent your release form donor number card so you can send further photos using your own donor id: number with any new photos.


         Please download file below:-


      ^ MS Word File ^          ^ JPG File ^

Please double click ether Word File and open with Microsoft Word and print A4 Portrait, or right click on JPG File and open with your favourite Photo program and from that program print in A4 Portrait.

                   Fill in Form and re-scan to about 737 x 1000 pixels and e-mail to:-



                  Post to:-

                     Methley Community Archive.

                    43 Garden House Close,

                   Methley, Leeds LS26 9HR,

                  West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.


    Friends of Methley Archive

Would you like to be a friend of the Methley Archive?

We are looking for people who are willing to be apart a member of the Archive and subscribe 5 a year to its upkeep and help us with our ongoing expenses.

"Friends will receive occasional news letters and will be given priority to buy tickets for events when numbers are limited.

If you are interested in joining please print off and fill in the form below or write the details on plain paper.

You can hand in the completed form with your subscription any Monday between 10am and noon at the Community Centre or post to May Walker, 74 Savile Road, Mickletown, Methley, LS26 9  . We are looking forward to welcoming you as a "Friend".

You can also have printed copy's of any photo you find on this web page at an higher resolution as possible from what we have on our database, we print on A4 gloss photo paper = 2.50 or any other smaller dimension  A5 = 1.25.

None Gloss A4 = 1.50 & A5 = 0.75

    Each Image we have has a document file code like      014r00ix00ek for this image , we only use the last four digits = 00ek to find the image you want. please   look for these four file digits from the image web page and quote when asking for your chosen image.

       Our first Start Grant in 2001 was with    Awards For All.

    Methley Archive founder Sponsor

   Now our only income is from producing and selling Methley Calendars and Methley Christmas cards.





Evening Post

Community Cash Giveaway 2008



an you see Vera and May at the ^^ presentation dinner. Just some members of the 76 Clubs, Associations and Voluntary Organisations who received cheques totalling 50,000 from the YEP's bumper Community Cash Giveaway at St George's Crypt Centre. Used for long awaited new Hardware to improve the running of our Public Monday Morning Meetings.


Now part of the West Yorkshire Archive Service Training Scheme.




ll Methley Photos Posted or presented on Monday Mornings are added to our Methley Archive database are in the process of being added to our web pages at:        http://methleyarchive.org


Methley Hall

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